Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Anthurium no. 0535 "Barb Dwyer"

Since I'm still trying to deal with the orchid posts right now, and since it's pretty obvious that Barb is not one of the better seedlings, I feel like maybe I don't need to get into a lot of detail here. She has the most boring color combination, and executes it poorly.

Leaves aren't perfect, but are surprisingly good, given that she's in the (mostly terrible) BH seedling group. Have seen thrips on her, but no scale yet.

She has a reasonable, maybe even good, amount of suckering, though that doesn't count for much.

More optimistically, she's produced two more buds since these pictures were taken: I don't expect them to be significantly better than the first one, but we can always hope. Probably not a keeper, though.

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