Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pretty picture: Cattlianthe Jewel Box 'Orange'

And here's the last orchid from the 2015 show: t'll get you prepared for the crappy 2016 photos. (The good news is that, although they're not great photos in general, a respectable number of them cleaned up well, and a few actually managed to be good pictures despite everything. Also, there will be a lot of them: 69 posts to cram into 52 weeks, the most I've used since the 2012 show. So what they lack in quality is maybe partly made up for by quantity, and they'll be coming at you faster than they did in 2015.)1

While the flowers on Cattlianthe Jewel Box 'Orange' did have a crazy, glow-in-the-dark sort of feel in person, my camera doesn't capture it well, plus it looks like I went a bit too far with the saturation adjustment.

Not a lot to say about this otherwise, aside from noting that Guarianthe aurantiaca sure is popular for breeding.

Cattlianthe Jewel Box 'Orange' = Guarianthe aurantiaca x Cattleya x Anzac (1921) (Ref.)


1 In retrospect, I should have edited the 2016 photos and then scheduled the posts, which would have given me the option to reject photos that weren't working out well. That I didn't do this obvious thing suggests that maybe the time pressure was getting to me.

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