Saturday, April 2, 2016

Anthurium no. 0480 "Walterina Markova"

Walterina is more interesting than most of them have been lately. This is damning with faint praise, but it's as good as they get for a while, so let's try to enjoy it.

(The first bloom; photo from 9 February 2016.)

I'd previously guessed that most of the seedlings with ID numbers between 400 and 550 either had 'Krypton' or the NOID red-violet as pollen parents, but Walterina is probably not one of those, based on the dark purple spadix. I don't have any idea what recessive genes my founding varieties might contain, so in theory any of them could be the father here, but only two of the founders have dark purple spadices: 'Red Hot' and the NOID purple. Neither of those has a pink spathe, but 'Red Hot' has a red spathe, which is close, so my guess for parentage is 'Orange Hot' x 'Red Hot.'

The plant as a whole is kind of meh,

The sandy-looking stuff on the leaf at left is vermiculite; this picture was taken during the predatory mite experiment and that's what they were packed in.

and Walterina has begun to show signs of scale lately, too. Since she's unusual, she'll get more chances to shake them than most seedlings do.

A close-up shot of the dusted leaf. I don't know what's going on with the holes here but I'm assuming it's thrips.

I'm not ruling out an up-potting, followed by treatment with imidacloprid: seedlings seem to be more scale-resistant when in larger pots, and although imidacloprid is useless for thrips, it does seem to be useful against scale. Haven't done it yet because I've been really busy and/or exhausted for the last few weeks, but eventually, maybe, if Walterina's still around.

(The second bloom; photo from 31 March 2016.)

So an interesting seedling, with unusual genes, and I would like to keep her, but I may wind up discarding her in the end anyway due to pest problems. We'll see how it goes.

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Saby said...

Here's hoping Walterina can make it. Her pink spathe and bluish purplish unevenish spadix make an interesting combination that mostly brings up associations that will not be voiced in polite company. She's interesting in a way few other seedlings haver been to me. Go Walterina go!