Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Anthurium no. 0423 "Georgeanne D'Dragon"

All things considered, I'm not too upset with Georgeanne. I mean, considering that she's from one of the "bad" sibling groups,1 this is pretty good:

Some thrips scarring, sure, but we've seen worse. Similarly, the foliage has a few blemishes, but it's basically okay:

And I'm genuinely pleased with the overall form of the plant, which is pretty compact and seems to be suckering well:

Two and a half weeks after first opening, the bloom looked like this:

And that's still pretty much what it looks like after seven weeks, so at least the bloom is long-lived. Georgeanne isn't the most amazing seedling ever, but there's no compelling reason to throw her out. So she's a keeper for now; I'll revisit the decision later and see how I feel then.

In other Anthurium-seedling news, I finally have a first bud from one of 'Peppermint Gemini's seedlings, 0610 Nina Levin. No sign of speckling so far.

So oh well. I suppose there is technically hope until her spathe opens, but it seems like the bud is large enough now that speckling would be obvious. So oh well. Things are not looking great for the other seedlings of 'Peppermint Gemini' either. [depressing footnote redacted]


1 Defined as groups BF ('Gemini' / 23 October 2013) and BH ('White Gemini' / 23 October 2013); not every BF/BH seedling has been awful, but taken as a group they're pretty sucky.


Paul said...

Not your greatest, but not a bad one either. I agree that the plant has a nice form -- better than many.

Well you were bound to hit a recessive trait sooner or later. You can always try back crossing or crossing the peppermint sibling.

Saby said...

Great habit, lasting bloom, and red + pink is not bad. I mean, nothing too special, but at least it's a pleasant combination (and also not pink + pink). She seems to have potential, will be exciting to follow her development.