Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Anthurium no. 1038 "Adlai Lowe"

I swear that was the name 1038 got assigned forever ago; I didn't change it to fit this bloom. I just got really lucky, because the bloom is literally very close to the soil line, and also it's about as tiny and inconspicuous as an Anthurium bloom can possibly be.

Adlai is also noteworthy for blooming while in a 3-inch pot; it's not the first seedling to try (that'd be 0835 Brenda Dharling), but it's the first one to succeed (Brenda's first bud aborted).1 If you call this "succeeding." It still hasn't unfurled its spathe all the way yet (because it physically can't), so it's maybe cheating a little bit to count this as a completed bloom.

In any case. I appreciated the enthusiasm, if not the results, so I moved Adlai up to a 4-inch pot in early April, and we'll see what he does with that. I don't expect the bloom to be especially exciting -- I mean, we can see that the spathe is red, so unless the spadix is bioluminescent or metallic or something it's not going to be anything we haven't seen before -- but it's earned the chance to try again, I feel.

The foliage is pretty typical, if on the small side:

The plant as a whole is unremarkable as well, though some of that's because there's so little plant there to remark on.2 I mostly wanted to include this photo so you'd have more context for the size of the spathe:

(The sides of the pot are 2 in. / 5 cm long.)

Oh, and I suppose I should mention that if you count this as a bloom, Adlai is, technically, the first second-generation seedling to bloom. If you're holding out for a more traditional F2 inflorescence (visible to the naked eye, possessing a peduncle and a visible spadix, etc.), you'll have to wait until mid-June. Though that one's disappointing as well, in a different way.3 So far, the full list of attempted blooms from the F2s is:

The ones that are now dead because of scale
0687 Pauline Pantsdown: pink?, daughter of 0273 Wes Coast (pink / pink)
0654 Rosie Cheeks: no color recorded,4 daughter of 0276 Zach Religious (pink / orange)

The ones that aborted buds and haven't tried again yet
0721 Chandelier Divine Brown: red or pink-red, daughter of 0005 Chad Michaels (dark red / green)
0799 Hope Sandreams: pink-red, daughter of 0108 Deena Sequins (red / purple)

The ones that are still in progress
0805 Triana Hill: light pink or maybe peach?, daughter of 0234 Ross Koz (purple-pink / yellow)5
0694 Brad Romance: light pink?, son of 0005 Chad Michaels (dark red / green)6
0698 Landon Cider: red, son of 0005 Chad Michaels (dark red / green)
0855 The Very Miss Dusty O: light pink or pink, daughter of 0234 Ross Koz (purple-pink / yellow)
0811 Alma Children: red, daughter of 0234 Ross Koz (purple-pink / yellow)

Completed (more or less)
0716 Herbie Hind: pink / orange, son of 0239 Russ Teanale (pink / yellow)
1038 Adlai Lowe: red / ?, son of 0234 Ross Koz (purple-pink / yellow)

If I were heavily invested in the idea of getting pretty blooms from the seedlings, I suppose Adlai would be yet another disappointment to add to the list, but I'm less interested in seeing pretty blooms and more interested in seeing something new. And this is certainly new. Plus the bloom is surprisingly long-lived, considering its odd circumstances: at least two and a half months now, and it looks the same as ever. So Adlai gets to hang around for a while. Obviously he's no good for breeding if all the blooms turn out like this, but I'm betting that they won't.


1 A couple others have also tried, to varying degrees of success:
1232 Fiona St. James was felled by scale (what else) a month after I saw her bud, and didn't get a chance to complete it. It's not like me to throw out a plant that had a bud on it, especially one that had never bloomed before, so I assume what happened is that she dropped the bud and then got scale, but I don't actually have that information written down so it's just a guess.
0855 The Very Miss Dusty O [sic; the temptation to correct it to "The Very Dusty Miss O" every time I type it is nearly overwhelming] has a bud in progress now, though she may not get the chance to finish either; I saw scale on her the last time I watered. Tried to wipe it off, remove leaves that had visible insects on them, etc., but I don't know that that's actually ever worked so there's really no reason to think it will this time.
2 It's gotten bigger since the move to a 4-inch pot, but not in any sort of meaningful way. More leaves, larger leaves, but they look the same and it's not that big of a difference.
3 (Look at 0716 Herbie Hind on the Anthurium seedling gallery, if you don't mind Anthurium seedling spoilers.)
4 (I'm guessing that the bud dried up and died before I could take its picture.)
5 Considering how things have been going lately, I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but Triana looks like our best bet for a nice F2 seedling at the moment: the bud is decent-sized, there are a reasonable number of suckers, and she's relatively low on thrips damage.
6 Brad might also have potential. Though his bud is significantly smaller, it's a similar color to Triana's, and his foliage is large and less scarred. We'll see.

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Pattock said...

If it has lots of little red nodules all over when it gets larger it could be a new Christmas hit.