Monday, May 30, 2016

Anthurium seedling no. 0517 "Burt Fieder"

Burt has all the problems common to the BF seedling group, and his only redeeming features are a willingness to bloom and a fairly compact habit. First bloom was small, the same coloration as the seed parent ('Gemini'), and mildly distorted by thrips.

Second seedling was the same but with a straighter spadix. They both had a dead-looking patch at the tip of the spadix, which I suppose could be due to coincidental damage at the same point in development or something but could also just be what he thinks spadices are supposed to look like. Either way, it doesn't make much of a case for his commercial viability.

The leaves are badly distorted and scarred,

and the plant as a whole is nothing to get excited about either.

So Burt's gone in the next purge, unless something miraculous happens. It hasn't felt like it, but we've had a pretty good run lately with the Anthuriums; the last seedling with no redeeming qualities was maybe 0470 Heather Haldane, and that was almost two months ago. So I suppose we were due for something like this.

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