Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Anthurium no. 0345 "Lauren Forcement"

As I've mentioned before, I'm writing the seedling posts in the order that the new blooms appear.1 So it's a coincidence that I'm writing about a Lauren immediately after writing about a different Lauren. Laurens were just having a moment in mid-May.

This particular Lauren is just okay. The bloom is bigger than most of the recent first blooms have been,

but it's a common color combination. Similarly, the foliage is fine: minimal scarring,

and there's a lot of it,

but it's not doing anything particularly new, either. Since this set of photos was taken, Lauren's revealed a tendency toward long internodal distances2 (which means the plant flops over a lot) and reflexed spathes.3 She doesn't have any specific qualities that make her terrible, but she also doesn't have anything uniquely awesome going on. So: a keeper, but probably only until I get desperate for space, at which point she'll be sold or discarded.


1 Among other things, this means that all the posts I'm working on now are about blooms that appeared three months ago. Which feels weird, but allows more time for the plants' qualities to reveal themselves.
2 I.e. relatively long segments of stem between leaves. The plant is still perfectly healthy, but compact plants are more valuable: they're easier to photograph, and remain in sellable condition longer.
3 I.e. the spathe flips back away from the spadix a few days after it first opens. This is also mostly a problem for photography and commercial production.

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