Thursday, August 25, 2016

Anthurium no. 0404 "Joe Hai"

As our regularly-scheduled reminder that 50% of seedlings will be below average, we have Joe.

Hardly the worst seedling of all time, and Joe even has a couple positive characteristics. His color isn't the worst; he produces more flowers than average; he offsets well.

On the other hand, the blooms are also short (I had trouble photographing it because the leaves kept getting in the way), and the burnt spathe bothers me.1 The foliage is also more marked-up than I would like, though I've seen worse.

Verdict: Joe's probably on the way out, unless he manages to produce a healthier-looking bloom pretty soon.


1 I don't know what causes this; I would normally assume thrips, but thrips damage is usually both shallow (not going all the way through the spathe) and less broad (small patches separated from one another, as opposed to a large continuous dead zone along the spathe margin).
I can't rule out the thrips, but it doesn't look like them. Best guess: perhaps I'm letting the plants get too dry while the bud is developing or opening?

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