Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Anthurium no. 0514 "Lauren Ipsum"

I wasn't nuts about Lauren's first bloom, which seemed like an ordinary red / yellow and flipped its spathe back besides.

It got a little more interesting when the spadix started getting red polka dots to match the spathe, but that never wound up being pretty, just a little odd.

The second bloom was much better. The color was more interesting, it was less ragged around the edges,

and when the spadix started changing color, it did so more smoothly. (It stopped short of going completely purple, though.)

The flowers are pretty small, but a third one is about to open, so they're at least coming along relatively quickly, and the second bloom still looks good, a month after it opened. So Lauren has potential. I wish the leaves were a little more thrips-resistant,

but the overall shape is nice and compact,

and the new leaves are fine. Though I don't feel like the bloom color and new leaf color coordinate very well.

Overall, a definite keeper, and I'll move Lauren up to a 6-inch (15 cm) pot just as soon as I figure out a place to put her.


Virginia Burton said...

I get most of your puns, but Lauren Ipsum has me stumped! I admired your Johnny Lufschachi pun; although I was too old to watch the show, I certainly heard its name often enough.

mr_subjunctive said...

Virginia Burton:

Per Wikipedia --

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Virginia Burton said...

Thank you! I'd figured it was a drag queen's name!

Saby said...

I like her colours a lot, the slightly purplish lipstick red and the white-then-purplish spadix are simply delightful. I do hope that she makes larger blooms as she matures, or at least gets to pass her good traits on.