Friday, September 23, 2016

Anthurium no. 0414 "Trudy Vocean"

Oh, Trudy. Trudy, Trudy, Trudy.

The first bloom attempt got this far and then stalled:

The second attempt opened up all the way, but left me sort of wishing that it hadn't:

I mean, it's not literally the worst Anthurium bloom I've ever seen, but . . . c'mon, Trudy. You aren't even trying.

The leaves aren't uniformly awful,

but when they're bad, they're bad.

Even if the thrips weren't an issue, she's not doing anything that 'Gemini' doesn't do already.

Verdict: not a keeper. Though she's still alive as I write this (15 September), and I don't necessarily have any immediate plans to toss her. Definitely gone in the next purge, though.

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