Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Anthurium no. 0765 "Hope Leeze"

Not a lot going on with this one; Hope is one of the relatively small number of seedlings to bloom before being moved up to a 4-inch pot, but she wasn't especially early; I just haven't had room to move plants up lately. So some of them get to around 2 years old and then decide to bloom anyway.

The color is good -- I'm not yet tired of the red / pink combination, though there have been several.1 And even if the bloom isn't huge and gorgeous, I'm surprised at how little visible thrips damage I see. On the other hand, the foliage is kind of uninspiring,

and the plant is already kind of floppy in its pot,

so I'm not seeing strong arguments in favor of keeping it or in favor of throwing it out. Probably I'll keep it for a while and then throw it out when I next need space.

P.S.: I know this post sucked; I suddenly have a lot less time to work on the blog. I'll explain eventually.


1 (Hope's coloration is most similar to 0072 Beth Rowe, 0144 Graham Reaper, and 0575 Darcy Drollinger, but there have been about six others)


Abhimanyu Veer said...

I have been enjoying your writing for a long time. I am a plant person too. I was wondering if you have finally decided to focus on Anthuriums as maybe your favourite type of plants? Your posts on them seem to have multiplied like never before. I hope you cover other plant species too, I am missing posts on those.

Just sayin'!

New Delhi, India

mr_subjunctive said...

Abhimanyu Veer:

It wasn't exactly a decision; more like the Anthuriums and Schlumbergeras are the only plants that ever do anything new for me to talk about.