Friday, November 4, 2016

Anthurium no. 0811 "Alma Children"

Here's Alma.

Alma's from the BY seedling group (seed parent 0234 Ross Koz; sow date 29 September 2014), which has produced three other blooming plants to date, and her inflorescences don't especially resemble those of her mother or any of her sisters.

0234 Ross Koz (seed parent).

The BY seedling group.
Clockwise from top left: 0807 Lucinda Italic, 0811 Alma Children,
1038 Adlai Lowe, 0855 The Very Miss Dusty O.

I mean, the whole point of propagating Ross in the first place was because I liked his spathe color and size.1 None of the offspring have gotten anywhere close to the same color, and Alma's the first seedling to produce spathes of similar size.2

Although Alma's color is one we've seen before,3 she does it really well, and is therefore probably a keeper regardless of what's happening with the foliage.

Fortunately, the foliage also looks decent. I mean, it's not going to be the centerfold in Verdure magazine4 or anything, and there's an unevenness to the texture that bugs me a little because I can't decide whether it's thrips-related or not. But the foliage is fine, even if there isn't very much of it.

So yeah, a keeper.


1 To a lesser degree I was hoping for foliage like Ross's as well. It's plain-looking, but large, and holds up well against the thrips.
2 It's possible that the seedlings in group BX are also full siblings; the sow date for BX was two weeks earlier (15 September 2014) but it was probably from the same spadix. If so, then 0805 Triana Hill is another sibling with dissimilar color, but similar size.
If it's possible for offspring of 0234 Ross Koz to have similar coloration, we should find out eventually. In addition to the BX and BY seedlings, which should continue to bud for a while, I should be seeing buds on the DB and DT seedlings in January or February. So by May or June 2017, I'm guessing, we'll have seen quite a bit more of what 0234 Ross Koz is capable of as a seed parent.
3 (0108 Deena Sequins, 0110 Delta Badhand, 0112 Dottie A. Rebel, and 0698 Landon Cider)
4 (I buy it for the articles.)

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