Saturday, July 15, 2017

Schlumbergera seedling no. 133

Unimaginable though it seems, we've hit the last Schlumbergera of the season.1 You thought the day would never come, I thought the day would never come, yet here we are. I would have liked to go out with more of a bang, but I suppose there are still the upcoming Schlummy awards.2

So what we've got is an average-to-good white. I said a few days ago that I thought I had a single obvious name for it which would make this post easy, but there was frustratingly little information about the person I had chosen, Aisha Bakari Gombi: basically just one article in The Guardian, duplicated verbatim on a number of other sites. The number of search results give the impression that there was a lot more information to be had than there actually is, and the Guardian article is frustratingly short on details. So I decided to look for another name.

So I shuffled name ideas around until I had four, two color-appropriate (Mae West,3 Vapor Trail4) and two that made reference to this seedling's timing (Fading Commotion, Skip To The End).

Skip To The End almost makes sense, but doesn't quite (after all, we didn't skip to this end: it was a long, slow slog through a ton of orange seedlings, just like every year before this one), so it's gone. And it occurs to me that I'll have a lot more chances to name white seedlings than I will last-seedling-of-the-year seedlings, so it might be better to go with Fading Commotion, just to get the name used up. So this one is officially going to be 133A Fading Commotion.


1 (Seedling 142 continues to develop, but half the time, these late-season buds wind up dropping. In the event that it does wind up opening, it will be a lot more convenient for me to consider it an early 2017-18 seedling than a late 2016-17 one.)
2 Next Wednesday. Mark your calendars.
3 (previously considered for 067A Cyndi Lauper and 290A Our Lady Of Assumption)
4 (previously considered for 193A Arcade Gannon and 111A Morning Sun)

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