Thursday, September 14, 2017

More re: Anthurium 1707 "Kandy Ho"

The husband has observed that The Cars released an album (and song) in 1979 named "Candy-O," which is possibly the intended reference, not prostitution. He didn't understand the word "ho" to necessarily indicate prostitution in the first place, even, which surprises me but people use words differently sometimes. So maybe I got all uncomfortable over nothing? Or sort of nothing? Maybe Kandy Ho just really likes late-70s Cars albums?

(It's possible that this well-executed and sad Cincinnati Enquirer article about the heroin epidemic, posted to MetaFilter on Monday, primed me to be more upset about implied prostitution than I would normally be, as I'd read it not long before I started working on the blog post. I mean, we should probably be upset about prostitution to some degree or another all the time anyway, but.)

(Going strictly by the cover art, I'm not, like, 100% certain that "Candy-O" isn't itself a prostitution reference of some kind. The song lyrics aren't, like, crystal clear.)

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Diana said...

I've usually considered the word "ho" to mean a promiscuous woman (a synonym of slut). Which makes naming herself "Ho" like calling oneself a bitch - it takes some of the power out of name calling.

I've been known to call myself a Garden Hoe in this vein.