Thursday, May 15, 2008

Issue with Blotanical

If I used to come by and "pick" your posts a lot, and I don't anymore, it's not you, it's me. Or possibly it's Stuart. I have recently been having trouble loading any of the 200-most-recent-post lists. I mean, I can still do it, but I have to try to load the page maybe fifteen times before it'll come up, and fifteen is like an average: sometimes it's been more than that.

I occasionally have trouble loading the other pages too, though usually with them all I have to do is hit refresh once and they'll some up. That doesn't work for the 200-post lists, though. Is anybody else having this problem, or have any suggestions for how to fix it? It only started happening to me in the last two or three weeks.


Lets Plant said...

It takes forever for my 200 list to load. Everything else pops right up.

Vanillalotus said...

It is the slowest loading page on blotanical for me also but it doesn't take that long that I can't wait. I counted and it took 13seconds for me. The rest of the pages come up in a few seconds. Maybe you should email him about it and see if he will reduce the number on one page making it easier to load. I'm not sure why the rest of the site would be slow.

No Rain said...

I too have slowed down visits to Blotanical for the same reason--sometimes I wait 45 seconds and then it comes back, "error." After awhile, it gets so frustrating I just go to my own favorites on my computer to visit the blogs I want to visit.

Stuart said...

I have written about this several times within Blotanical but it seems the message isn't getting out. This page will always load slowly and get even slower as more and more blogs come on stream. The reason: it is currently pulling the most recent posts from 635 blogs all at once and then trying to order them according to the time they were published so that everyone is happy that their blog is getting the maximum amount of air time.

Therefore, I am trying to wean members of this list and direct them to the other ones which are less resource hungry. It isn't the number of posts that's the issue - more the number of sources.

Some people argue that Bloglines and Google Reader are far quicker than this list, but try viewing the most recent posts from this many blogs at once on these other platforms and you will see that it is equally as slow - if not slower.

I'm still searching for better ways to do this, so if you have any solutions or ideas I would certainly love to hear them.

mss @ Zanthan Gardens said...

I, too, have all but given up using Blotanical. It's so frustratingly slow. And as more and more bloggers join in, you'd have to check back every hour to keep up with the new posts.

I prefer my RSS reader and my sidebar links.

mr_subjunctive said...

Since Stuart's comment, I've started using the 200 Most Favorited list instead, which loads for me just fine. I worry that I'm missing out by not checking the New Blogs list, but so far I haven't gotten worried enough to, you know, check.

And for what it's worth, Stuart, I did read the post announcing the new lists, but apparently I didn't read it carefully enough to catch the reason for the new lists. Or if I did, I ignored it since the original was still working fine for me. So sorry: if I see someone else complaining about the same issue, I'll explain it to them so you don't have to.