Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pretty picture: Bracteantha bracteata 'Sundaze Flame'

These took a long time to get their act together and bloom (or maybe co-workers were de-budding them when I wasn't paying attention: the greenhouses were full of surreptitious de-budding of all kinds of things for a while in the spring, for complex reasons), but they're interesting all the same. I believe these are the flowers used in the heinous practice of gluing flowers onto cacti, though it looks like there are some intermediate steps between growing and gluing, like bleaching, dismembering, dying, and reassembling. Maybe not. I wouldn't know.

We didn't have a lot of problems with these, except for the fact that they hung around forever and ever and then sold all at once last week. Not sure who bought them all, or why, but they're all right. The color is nice. And anything that doesn't collapse at the slightest water imbalance, and tolerates sun, is okay in my book.

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