Friday, September 5, 2008

Well? Which will it be?

Saw this at a competitor's and just about died laughing. Probably you had to be there, but I'm sharing the picture anyway. (Joke may be more obvious if the picture is opened in a new window.)

It does make me wonder what they charge for the fugly mums.


Frances, said...

HA, and was it advertised that way too? I wonder.

mr_subjunctive said...

Probably not, but it's funny enough that they think they have to tell people that they're pretty in the first place. Transposing the letters just made it that much funnier. (For the record, we sell "hardy" mums, and that's it as far as I'm aware. We make no promises about beauty.)

Lucy Corrander said...

I know this is irrelevent . . . but the other day, we came across a notice on a door in a cafe which simply said THIS IS A DOOR.


Lance said...

I don't suppose I could get some hardly mums?

Hermes said...

If the one on the right has its M changed to a B it makes much more sense!

Benjamin Vogt said...

Shoot, I think all mums are ugly and should cost so much taht no one buys them. Especially the orange ones--is there an uglier flower? IS THERE?

Speaking of which, I'm new to serious gardening and goign to nurseries 50 billion time a year, but I was shocked to find plant on major clearnace and one of my two main nurseries. Shrubs at least 50% off, cool ones, and many perennisals up to 75% off. I guess the issue is bedding down for the winter, and the space and costs that can accrue? This shopper won't be buying as many shrubs in spring if he can get them half off in fall (but this shopper feels, well, marginally bad about that).

Anonymous said...

I have just discovered your blog while I was looking up Euphorbia trigona for an article I am thinking about writing and I wanted to bookmark your site because it seems to have some great info. So I went to bookmark your home page and took you advice to open the photo on a new page. I have laughed so much my ribs hurt and I think I have gotten all my aerobic exercise for the day! I too want to see the "fugly" mums!

Your Blog Rocks, Mate.

PS I seem to have lost my Google ID, It wont let me log on here. You can find me on-line as Kaelkitty on Dave's Garden.


Anonymous said...

Any mums that I buy become fugly within weeks. Assuming they live that long. They are so flippin' potbound that they need watering about 500 times a day. I don't buy mums any more.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Rather amusing to read some of these posts. Personally, I LIKE mums. They do very well with little fuss in a couple beds I planted at my folks place -- coming up year after year.

Benjamin, don't stick your nose up in the air so quickly, I'm sure there are flowers you think are "wonderful" that others would see as an eyesore *wink*

Hope those yo-yos weren't actually getting $20 per pot -- mums shouldn't expensive plants