Thursday, January 8, 2009

PATSP Crossword #2

Hi again. Another crossword.

As with the first one, a fair amount of this is site-specific, obscure, or whatever, and may or may not be of interest to you. But then, what else were you planning on getting done today, right? You can always stop if it's not going well.

I recommend printing out a copy of the puzzle image, and then working on the paper. Googling is likely to prove useful.

Made with the demo version of Crossword Compiler, as was the first puzzle.

1 One way to spell a cat noise
7 You're as cold ____ ice
9 A treeful would be very wise indeed
12 Tithymaloides genus
15 Plants probably worship this sun god
17 Zero, none, nada, zip
18 Mayhem, chaos
20 11th Century Spaniard, national hero of Spain (2 words)
22 The best part of a Gardenia jasminoides, or an Oncidium 'Sharry Baby'
24 Ergot-based psychedelic drug
26 Things that make you go ____
27 Non-permanent worker
28 Actinidia deliciosa fruit
29 Icy troll is _____
30 White-spots tropical fish disease
32 Consonant-free river in Spain
33 Six, in Roman numerals
34 In ____ of flowers, contributions may be made to . . .
36 Woodwind player
40 First (demo) album by Christianish band Jars of Clay
43 Dracaena deremensis variety
45 The main thing you do with an eraser
46 The least crazy
48 Cyrtomium falcatum is one
50 Iridium-enriched geological boundary at 65.5 million years ago
51 Disemvowelled affirmative
53 Sanskrit for "rule," or "dominion," especially as referring to the British Empire in India
54 Internet Relay Chat (abbrev.)
55 One of the biblical kings of Israel (not one of the particularly popular ones, though)
56 Loud lion noise
58 _____ B. Davis, better known as Alice
60 Ames university with a horticulture program
61 Cactus x 2
62 Interference pattern
63 Like a greenhouse, but darker and with more nudity
65 Parisian yes
67 Krypton (chemical symbol)
69 Puppies that try to fly up your nose (2 words)
72 Esther's washing machines are in hers
73 Oh ___ of little faith
74 Monomania responsible for pursuit of the white whale

2 Internet provider (abbrev.)
3 Lipstick vine genus
4 Overdose (abbrev.)
5 They do not work that way
6 Femme fatale plant
7 Where the plants that aren't at work are located (2 words)
8 May contain imidazolidinyl urea
9 Spanish bear
10 Lawrencium (symbol)
11 A popular Arabia
13 Lithium (symbol)
14 One kind of ultraviolet light
16 Assumptions about the way the world works
19 A friend of a friend (2 words)
21 Instant message (abbrev.)
23 A drop of golden sun
25 Believers in plant dignity
31 Unit of radioactive decay, named for Marie (abbrev.)
35 Underground research facility (abbrev.)
37 Ficus species
38 And, but, ___, nor, yet, so, for
39 Sansevieria trifasciata occupation
41 Often found with hoes
42 That is (abbrev.)
44 "Vote for a _____ Obama"
47 James Madison: "If ________ and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy."
49 Radium (chemical symbol)
52 I'll just give you this one. It's "socage."
55 Quick evasive turns
57 Astatine (chemical symbol)
59 Nitric oxide
61 Chihuahua, Mexico airport (abbrev.)
64 Article for deletion (Wikipedia abbrev.)
66 Internet top-level domain for Uganda
68 Rhesus factor (blood type abbrev.)
70 Sigh sound
71 Antimony (chemical symbol)


VP said...

Oh goody you've done another one AND mentioned my friend Esther :)

I linked to the first over Christmas as I put together a puzzles page for my readers to keep them occupied whilst I was away. Hope you don't mind.

mr_subjunctive said...

Of course I don't mind.