Sunday, January 4, 2009

Random plant event: Fittonia argyroneura (albivenis?) flower

Weirdly, I'd never seen these flower prior to this job. Or more likely I'd seen it and paid no mind. Whichever. Two winters in a row now, they begin building these elaborate little towers in about October or November, which reach full size in December . . . ish (okay, so I don't know exactly when it happens: sue me), and begin popping out these tiny yellow flowers. It's interesting, but not particularly decorative, and I'm never sure if I should be taking off the flowers or leaving them on.

Probably I should be taking them off. I imagine building these takes a lot of energy from the plant, and the customers aren't going to buy for the flowers. But still. I hate to sexually frustrate the plants. I worry about violent uprisings.


Hermes said...

How unusual - never seen that before.

Ewa said...

Hi, Thank you for coming over and taking your time to comment :)
Your suggestion on other scented orchid is excellent :) will look for them.

Peter said...

I vote for cutting them down, ruthlessly.

I'll bet they'd make a very pretty cut flower that would last a long time.

vlma said...

Very pretty! Just because flowers are small doesn't mean they're not interesting. Definitely leave it. And try to fertilize a couple so you can see the fruit.

Anonymous said...

pinch them back^^ it will help the plant fill out and the flowers are steril anyways, so no sexual frustration xD