Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random plant event: Begonia 'Coffee Texas Star' flower

My plants at home, or at least some of them, are doing this now, too, but none of those pictures turned out particularly well. This plant is the last one remaining of the five or so that I brought in to work, and it's done shockingly well in the heat and humidity of the greenhouse -- I just moved it into a 6-inch pot, whereas some of the plants I grew at the same time (see older post) are still in 3-inch pots at home.

I've also recently been informed by a customer that this is definitely not a rex begonia, it's a fibrous. It's unclear whether 'Coffee Texas Star' is the right or wrong name for it: although I found the picture on a site which was mainly about rexes, and I'm willing to believe that the customer is correct and it's actually a fibrous, I remember the page being ambiguous as to whether every Begonia on the page was necessarily being identified as a rex. So we're still trying to figure this out.

In any case, the flowers are only sort of ho-hum, but it's nice, I guess, that it's happy enough to flower.


Dr.Rutledge said...
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Anonymous said...

I think it is pretty ;)

We've had several house plants not make it at the beginning of winter too.

It is always a bummer, cause you get used to them being there!

I'm grateful for the ones that have made it this far...nice to see the pic of yours that made it also.

Wayne Stratz said...

Ho Hum, but looks a bit strange so that has to give it some points at your site

Ethan said...

I have these at home & they do stunningly well for me, as do my other Begonias. I've been trying to figure out whether it's a Rex or not since I got given my first one by my Nan about 6 months ago. It's grown so profusely now that I split my one original plant into 8 separate plants over the last 2 months or so (4 of which are now about the same size as the original plant) and (prior to realising I could separate the rhizomes) I attempted to propagate one by leaf cuttings, which has also been a great success... It's winter now where I am (Australia) and they're still thriving & putting out new growth constantly. Must be our warmer weather here (winter daytime maximums usually 15-22 degrees C). Through the summer they went completely nuts with regular watering (sometimes daily when it got above 35C), and our summers here are really dry. I think they just like heat, regular-ish watering & bright indirect light..? Definitely my most profuse balcony plant!