Friday, July 17, 2009


More cultivar names, potentially, though these might be a tad more obscure than my previous suggestions. On the other hand, there are so many Lilium hybrids out there, and more happening all the time, that I figure the breeders and developers would appreciate some suggestions, however little mass appeal they might have. So, I give you:

The older crowd might appreciate Lilium 'Gish.'

Their younger, hornier grandsons would find Lilium 'Garcia' more to their liking.

I'm not sure if Lilium 'Tomlin' is cheating or not. Maybe it would be okay if referred to as the "Tomlin Lily," instead of with the botanical name Lilium. And of course if "Tomlin Lily" is okay, we could also have Lilium 'Allen.' (Special bonus relevance: Lily Allen wikiposedly studied horticulture before her music career happened, so she's one of very few people in the world who could both be the subject of this joke and appreciate it properly.)

Just throwing them out there; nobody has to use them. Though I would like to see Lilium 'Gish' sometime. Kinda surprised it hasn't happened already.


lynn'sgarden said...

Pretty good IDEA here! Funnily, I remember also a comedienne named Beatrice Lilly? Definitely for the very much older crowd...It is interesting, though, to see how cultivars/names are established.

Daffodil Planter said...

Not forgetting the famous author Lillium Hellman....

Hermes said...

Or Lily Allen whose music I rather like. Those cultivar names aren't too bad, but some of the new orchid ones are distinctly weird.