Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pretty pictures: Gaillardia cvv.

Had a semi-eventful day yesterday, so I didn't make as much progress on the blog as I had intended. Spent most of the morning with a headache, and then when that passed, the husband and I went to Iowa City to see District 9 (the short review: lots of gore, but not such that I found it really obnoxious. Fun to discuss afterward. I know it's cliche to say, but the special effects were really good. Ending maybe a little too on the nose, but a sci-fi/action film that had clearly had someone thinking carefully about it at one point. So I liked it.), and then we got groceries and came home.

Once home, we watched the second of the Left Behind movies (from the Left Behind series of books, by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins), Tribulation Force. It was from the library, for those of you who are wondering; I wouldn't pay money to watch it. Tribulation Force was not as good as District 9. Way fewer aliens, average to poor special effects, and a plot that's not really believable in any of its details at all (the writing, plot, and theology of the Left Behind books have been slowly and painstakingly dismantled by Fred Clark over at Slacktivist for many years now, a blog you should be reading if you are not already). It would, however, form the basis for a fantastic drinking game, and you'd only need one rule: take a drink every time someone says "Buck Williams." Hammered by the third act, I promise.

Anyway. So I didn't get a chance to do a whole lot of work on the blog, which means just a couple pictures of Gaillardias to keep you going until tomorrow. I have no particularly strong feelings about Gaillardia one way or another, it turns out, which is why I've been sitting on these pictures until I had movies to critique.

Gaillardia 'Tizzy.' I will say that this is my least favorite, of the Gaillardia cvv. I've seen to date. It looks incomplete.

Gaillardia 'The Sun.' Better. Though I don't like it as well as G. 'Arizona Sun.'

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lynn'sgarden said...

It surprised me, actually, how much I liked District Nine! Cliche away..they were good!