Sunday, August 16, 2009

Site-related: blogroll additions

I have a pretty vicious headache right now, or I'd go into more detail, but here are some new additions to the PATSP blogroll:

Metaphyta. Written by arythrina. Bloomington, IN, USA. Indoor, outdoor, orchids, bulbs. I don't know why I haven't added this one before now; I've been aware of it for quite a while.

The shovel-ready garden. Written by Caroline. Austin, TX, USA. Outdoor, food gardening, photography, animals. I think I found this through Twitter?

Tropical Biodiversity-The Amazon. Written by Steven Alexander. Santarém, Pará, Brazil. Tropical, animals, natural habitats, orchids. Found a long time ago through an unknown route.

James and the Giant Corn. Written by "admin," whose actual name is James. Berkley, CA, USA. Genetics, science, agriculture. Infrequently updated. No idea how I found it, or how long ago.

The Linas Alsenas Blog. Written by, duh, Linas Alsenas. Stockholm, Sweden. Expat, art, Sweden, GLBT. Found via Francis Strand.

Tuysonvien - Where I Garden. Written by Hà Xuân. Vietnam? Indoor/outdoor, Hoya, orchids, photography. Found via a comment here at PATSP some time ago.

The 6 x 8 garden. Written by Erin. Iowa, USA. Container gardening, balcony gardening, food gardening, photography, guinea pigs. Don't remember how I found it.

Vivement Vert. Written by Zeï. Montréal, Québec, Canada. I generally can't understand what it's about, because it's all in French, but the pictures tend to be lizards, indoor plants, and vivariums. Probably found through comment at PATSP.

My Nice Garden. Written by Autumn Belle. Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. Indoor/outdoor, outdoor, orchids, photography, animals. Don't remember how I found it.

Best in Bloom Today. Written by lynn'sgarden. Central NJ, USA. Outdoor, photography, animals. Via comment here at PATSP.

If your blog is neither on this list nor on the blogroll in the sidebar, here are some possible reasons ("possible" in the sense that I am able to imagine it, not in the sense that a blog exists which is excluded for that reason):

1) I don't know about your blog.
2) I don't like your blog.
3) I don't like you (or your net presence, at least) personally.
4) You don't publish new content (or content relevant to my interests) often enough for me to consider it worth bothering with.
5) I believe that I am already following your blog even though I am not, probably because I meant to add it at some point and then got distracted during the process.
6) Bunnies.

I am actively looking for more reading material at the moment, so if you aren't on the blogroll and you think you should be, visit one or more of the above links, then return here and comment about it/them. (People whose blogs I am following already may also comment, of course.) I will be checking commenters' profiles for blogs of interest (though even if I decide I like yours, the next blogroll addition will probably not happen for a few months). If you don't have an account that links to your blog(s) or prefer to be anonymous, use the Name/URL option to comment.


lynn'sgarden said...

Thanks for the addition. I'm honored! Reason number 6???

mr_subjunctive said...

It's a "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" reference: the character Anya had a deep-seated fear of bunnies which had apparently lasted 1100 years or so. In the musical episode of "Buffy," when the characters are trying to figure out why people are bursting into song about random, mundane events (which theorizing is also being done in song), Anya suggests that it could be the work of bunnies:

"Bunnies aren't just cute like everybody supposes
They've got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses
And what's with all the carrots?
What do they need such good eyesight for, anyway?
Bunnies! Bunnies! It must be bunnies!
(Or maybe midgets.)"

This has all become a lot more personally meaningful to me since bunnies have started eating my Gazanias.

lynn'sgarden said...

Ahhh, yes...I should have figured that one!

Lance said...

And must not forget the man eating bunnies in the search for the holy grail.