Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pretty pictures: Zinnia cvv.

I think I like Zinnias. Pretty sure. They were relatively unproblematic at work, they're pretty good about continuous blooming, and they're not unattractive. I'll have to try some more next year, I think.

This was taken at Menards. The weird, kind of greenish tint to the flower is true to life: part of the reason I took the picture in the first place was because the color looked weird. I'm also intrigued by what I've seen of the 'Envy' Zinnias, though I have yet to see 'Envy' in person yet.

This one I took at Wallace's, in Bettendorf. Pretty definitely the prettiest of the bunch. I'd be interested in something like this in the future.

Also from Menards. Not hugely exciting, but hey. Any plant that shows up on time and does what it's supposed to do is okay in my book, and by most accounts Zinnias are one of those.

The only Zinnia I currently own at the moment. I have it planted with the Geranium 'Rozanne,' and the two of them together make me happy. I suspect that orangey-red and purpley-blue aren't supposed to go together, but based on some of the things I've seen people say don't go together, I think the whole concept of colors co-ordinating or clashing is a lot less objective than everybody pretends it is. I like 'em.



Kenneth Moore said...

Who says purplish and orange don't go together? I always thought they did. That's why I'm planning a purple/orange flower garden next year--it helps that those are my favourite colour and the owner's favourite colour, so at least I have such an excuse if people find it clashing!

And that second Zinnia, I believe it's the same variety I photographed previously... "Zowie! Yellow Flame." I don't always see the "Zowie!" in the name, but I do often enough that I wonder who the heck came up with it. If it were just "Yellow Flame," I would love the variety--but with the "Zowie!", I almost don't like it.

mr_subjunctive said...

Oh! I didn't realize I hadn't included the cultivar name for the two of those I know: yes, the multicolored one is 'Zowie Yellow Flame,' and the orange-red one at the end is 'Profusion Fire.'

And as far as blue-purple and red-orange not going together: well, maybe they do. I've never been able to discern much of a pattern or logic to what people say works and doesn't work, especially when it comes to the color pink, which as best as I can tell is not supposed to go with anything except possibly blue and yellow. I did a lot of the blue-purple and red-orange in my containers because it happened that a lot of the stuff I was interested in was one or the other of those colors, but I assumed I was doing it wrong.

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

I like purple and orange too...and hot fuchsia. I plant them all together even though I might not paint the house those colours, or wear them. Like zinnias too, though I haven't had any here for a few years. They like more heat and sun than I can usually provide.

Laurie in Maine said...

This is a very old post but what the hell! I threw a package of (old) zinnia seeds into the end of a raised bed - onions actually. But I mistakenly grabbed 3 boxes of leeks and only 1 onion. WTF? So half a bed went empty well past planting season. BESIDE THE POINT! ZINNIA seeds didn't get planted until well into June and probably closer to July. Beautiful! From seeds. Who knew? (enjoying your blog. I put African Violet in the search engine :)