Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Um? Guys?

I just logged in to Statcounter and saw this banner ad:

"TIME Time for earn $50000 and more monthly
Drive your male traffic where it's paid"

This doesn't make me want to buy or use whatever it is. It does slightly make me want to click the ad to see what the hell it's for, but I'm not gonna.


Kenneth Moore said...

Huh. Well... I...

I don't understand. Will your traffic get paid? The males you're driving?

That ad is MUCH better than the one I see on My Yahoo! about online Indian marriage services.

Chris said...

Don't do it!

Aiyana said...

I agree. Don't click. You may end up with something awful!

Chicago Garden said...

I say click on it and tell us what it was about.

BTW, why the heck are you using Statcounter with tacky ads like that when you could be using Google Analytics?


mr_subjunctive said...

Well, I suppose the main reason would be that I was unaware of Google Analytics.