Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Random plant event: Euphorbia ammak new growth

An exhaustive list of the significant events in the life of my two Euphorbia ammak cuttings:

1. 20 Jun 2007: received cuttings in mail (through Garden Web).
2. 2 Aug 2009: one of the cuttings shows the beginnings of new growth.

See it? There in the center, surrounded by a ring of stunted, kinda dead-looking thorns?

There was, technically, another event in between the two, where I first noticed that they were rooting, but I didn't write that down so I'm not sure when it was. I'd guess maybe December 2007, give or take: it was fairly soon after I got them.

So, total elapsed time from getting the new cuttings to having them be sufficiently-established to start new growth: 774 days.

It should be noted that thus far, only one of the cuttings has started new growth. On the other one, it's 774 days and counting. And that is why I will not become a professional Euphorbia propagator.

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Nancy in Sun Lakes AZ said...

You're a patient man, Mr. S!