Friday, November 5, 2010

[Exceptionally] Pretty pictures: transmitted light -- Part XXXVI

Today we bring Transmitted Light Week to a close, with a set that leans toward green-and-yellow combinations. I hope you enjoyed the week, but if you didn't, you will be relieved to learn that it probably won't happen again for a long time. It turns out to be really hard to come up different and interesting things to say about 60 pictures of plant veins, which is why only some of the commentary was different or interesting.

What did you think?

(The previous transmitted light posts can be found here.)

Agave lophantha. Not terribly interesting as a transmitted light picture, though you can see the slightly-lighter stripe down the center of the leaf, which I like. Undecided about how I like it as a houseplant; it's surviving fine under lights in the basement, but the new leaves are much longer. I don't know if that's because it's not getting as much light (bad), or because it's been divided and now the individual plants have more room to stretch out (good). I suppose I'll find out soon.

Eucharis grandiflora. Kind of looks like ripples on a pond, to me.

Neoregelia NOID. Most of this batch of photos wound up being too dark. I was still learning the camera. This one is also too dark, but it turned out okay: the subtle warping of the lines pleases me. The plant's doing well also, though I've cooled off quite a bit on Neoregelias in general, since the one got scale and a couple of the others have bloomed out and started to die.

Agave NOID. (Possibly a variegated cv. of A. desmettiana.) Whatever this plant is, I love it. It's probably going to get too big to keep indoors pretty soon (it's already noticeably bigger than it was when I bought it, and that wasn't that long ago), but it's got a gorgeous form and color (turquoise and yellow), and it seems to be tolerating the lower indoor light well. So it's got a place here as long as I can make it fit.

Schefflera actinophylla. My second favorite picture from the set.

Tradescantia pallida. I'm beginning to think that this is just an ungettable photo. I keep trying, but I never manage to capture the way it looks to me in person.

Peperomia clusiifolia 'Rainbow.' I've had this plant for a long time now (since January 2007), but I've never been able to bring back the vivid pink edges on the leaves it had when I bought it. Not enough light, obviously.

Epipremnum aureum 'Marble Queen.' Not yellow enough, on this one. I overcompensated. The plant this photo came from has mostly reverted to solid green, unfortunately, due to an extended period without much light.

Aglaonema 'Golden Bay.' Way too yellow, though if you didn't know that, it'd be a pretty decent photo. Still very happy with the plant; 'Golden Bay' is a good cultivar.

Aglaonema 'Cory.' This one's my favorite photo of the set, I think. I like when there are multiple layers of variegation visible.


Nancy in Sun Lakes AZ said...

My favorite is the Neoregelia. The shape is really interesting. I enjoyed the whole week!

Ivynettle said...

Most of the pictures aren't showing up for me today. *pouts* But on the whole, I liked this week - I don't have time to read long posts right now, through a combination of no internet on my own computer and having a novel to write, so looking at pictures has been convenient.