Friday, February 11, 2011

Random plant event: variegated Saintpaulia blooms

Do you remember yesterday?1 Specifically, do you remember yesterday when I said it had proven to be unexpectedly difficult for me to buy a Saintpaulia that didn't have purple or blue flowers? Well, when I got this one (two months ago), I didn't know what color the flowers would be, because it didn't have any at the moment, but I was sort of hoping for pink or red. It seemed like that would go best with the pink in the leaves. But no.

Ah well. Not growing it for the flowers anyway.


1 No? Oh. [pause] You should seek medical attention, then, maybe?


Liza said...

Aw, pink would've been so much better. At least it's a pretty blue.

Anonymous said...

The blue-violet harmonizes beautifully with the pink tones of the petioles. At least in my opinion. Both colors are reconciled by the red hue that they share.

I've learned in gardening, as well as other activities, to keep my eyes open for the happy accident. Just because the result wasn't what you intended is no reason not to appreciate the beauty of the outcome.


katsrevenge said...

Anyway you put it, I'm jealous! It's lovely.

Tom said...

You *could* just pick the flowers off and play dumb!