Saturday, January 31, 2015

Schlumbergera seedling no. 012

Number 012 bloomed a long time ago, and looked very similar to this, so I'm assuming this is the same individual seedling that bloomed before. It's pretty similar to "Neon Like" (#028B), but in a good way.

Lots of the usual garbage at TinEye, of course, but the nice thing about TinEye is that if you have the patience to keep flipping through the photos, sooner or later you'll come across something new.1

In this case, the new and amusing thing was this photo of a child's2 blanket/sofa fort.

Apparently there is a purple light saber serving as a central support, which not only makes it look kind of awesome but gets the colors to match the bloom pretty well too.

So I'm calling #012 "Sofa Fort," because why the hell not. Also it turns out to be sort of fun to say.


1 By that point, the colors may or may not still match what you fed in. It's not clear to me how the search-by-color feature works, but there's clearly some wiggle room in what it considers a "match."
2 (I'm assuming. The child in question looks a little young to have been the architect, but is clearly the person the fort was created for. So like the site manager or something.)

1 comment:

Claude said...

Sofa Fort is a perfectly fine name... but I would file away "Light Saber" for future use. It might just fit somethong perfectly....