Friday, February 13, 2015

Pretty pictures: Masdevallia Copper Angel 'Highland'

The foliage really was this yellow, and an image search for the cultivar suggests that it probably shouldn't have been. (What would cause this? Some kind of fertilizer problem?)

It's nevertheless kind of a nice effect, if you can bring yourself to pretend that it's supposed to look like that. I mean, at least it's a smooth, uniform sort of yellow.

Masdevallia Copper Angel 'Highland' = Masdevallia triangularis x Masdevallia veitchiana (Ref.)


Diana at Garden on the Edge said...

Ahhh. I needed some warm colors this morning. I'll need even more over the next few days and the next big storm comes barreling through. Hint (unless you already have them scheduled).

Melody said...

Ugh, I know the flowers are pretty, but I would've reconsidered showing this one as it looks like it's not doing so hot. It definitely had a big, sudden issue, the fact that all the leaves are doing that all at once. Could've been if it was pre-show re-potted or sudden significant temperature changes though, because Masdevallias are just too darn sensitive. If it was like that before the show, I'd say definitely a root issue, possibly fertilizer, but I guess we'll never know.

Anonymous said...

The fact that they put the massie on display like that makes me think that they must have intended for the leaves to look like that. Maybe those leaves are like that just because the massie was grown in higher light than usual to push growth/blooms?

Paul said...

Normally, Masdie leaves should be green -- even with this hybrid. My suspicion is that it was grown with very high light -- perhaps dangerously close to frying the plant.