Thursday, March 5, 2015

Anthurium no. 0241 "Megan Gigaterra"

The first-ever completed bloom from Megan is . . . nice, but a little disappointing. I mean, it's reasonably well-formed, and there's minimal thrips damage, but it's also just another pink / pink in what is turning out to be a very, very long line of pink / pinks.

Not the plant's fault, obviously. I'm sure I'd be quite taken with it if it were the first pink / pink I'd gotten.

Leaves are fine. Nothing special one way or the other. I'd probably be more impressed with the whole sunken-primary-veins thing if I hadn't seen it plenty of times before, too.

Tomorrow's post will have more novelty to it, I promise.


Paul said...

Well this is when you start marking those pinks that are truly worth keeping (by whatever criteria you choose to use) and mark all the others as plants to sell. That will make room for up and coming shrubbery. :)

Claude said...

Well it is nice.... I'm used the anthriums i usually see in florist arrangements, so these pink on pinks impress me...