Monday, November 2, 2015

Pretty picture: Paphiopedilum Keyeshill

This one's a nice, dignified, respectable-type Paphiopedilum. Nothing too out of the ordinary, though the petals (or are these sepals? I can never remember. . . .) are maybe a little narrower than usual for a paph.

Also noteworthy: Winston Churchill sure gets around, doesn't he?

Paphiopedilum Keyeshill = Paphiopedilum Carl Keyes x Paphiopedilum Winston Churchill (Ref.)

Winston Churchill and his offspring previously: 2012, 2013, 2015


Paul said...

The lip/pouch/slipper and the side structures are the petals. The sepals are the dorsal structure and the two small structures found on either side of the area where the lip is attached to the rest of the flower. The petals are always the inner three floral structures and the sepals the outer three. This image will likely make more sense:

mr_subjunctive said...


I got confused by this particular one, because the way the photograph lines everything up, the two non-lip petals are pointing where I would expect sepals to point.