Thursday, April 28, 2016

Anthurium no. 0534 "Celia Putty"

Celia was a little bit exciting, in that the bud seemed like it was going to be a little bit lavender-pink, but by the time the spathe opened, it was just plain pink. Maybe even red-pink. With thrips scarring. Of course.1

So that was slightly disappointing. And the foliage was definitely subpar, mainly due to thrips. One assumes. The basic shape and texture is okay, though. I mean, without the thrips, it'd be a nice, broad arrowhead sort of shape,2 which is all right.

Celia was also a reasonably compact plant in October,

which I suppose is worth something. She's grown a lot since then, and may no longer qualify as compact, but the internodal lengths are still acceptably short. Realistically, she's probably too thrips-prone to keep, but I'd still like to see a second bloom before making the final decision.


1 At this point I'm basically convinced that if we had a cat, it would give birth to thrips-scarred kittens.
2 The leaf and whole-plant pictures were taken in October, and she's grown a lot of new leaves since then, all larger and broader than the one shown, though just as damaged.
I can't remember why I started doing it, but I usually take leaf and whole-plant photos when I first see a bud, rather than waiting until there's an open inflorescence. It made sense at the time. Though I'm realizing as I write this that open-inflorescence photos would be better at showing the relative sizes of the blooms, which is hard to judge from the close-ups.

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