Friday, April 15, 2016

Pretty picture: Psychopsis Kalihi alba 'Green Valley'

Not that I hate Psychopsis or anything, but I often feel like I should appreciate them more than I do. I like unusual, and they're unusual. I like striking patterning; they've got striking patterning. They often strike me as not quite finished, though. Is it just me?

Haven't seen this particular flower before, but we saw the non-alba form of Psychopsis Kalihi last year, as well as Psychopsis Mariposa 'Twins', which is Kalihi x Psychopsis papilio. 2012 had another mostly-yellow Psychopsis, Mendenhall alba 'Yellow Butterfly.'

Psychopsis Kalihi = Psychopsis krameriana x Psychopsis papilio (Ref.)


Diana said...

To me the flowers look upside down.

Unknown said...

I like all the Psychopsis you have shown so far. I've never seen one in the flesh - I suppose it's possible that no-one here in South Australia grows them. What they really remind me of are some of David Bowie's costumes - particularly the one from the Ashes to Ashes video - even though the flower is all the wrong colours and much more exaggerated in shape than the costume. Maybe I'm developing a synesthesia for shapes and music? Who knows!

Ciao, KK.