Saturday, May 7, 2016

Pretty picture: Paphiopedilum primulinum

This one looked awfully familiar to me -- surely I've seen this small yellow paph some other year? -- but technically, this is the first time we've seen this species at the show:

I wasn't wrong to find it familiar, though; it's the pollen parent for two previous hybrids, 2012's Paphiopedilum Prim-N-Proper (seed parent Paphiopedilum praestans), which doesn't look that much like Paph. primulinum, and 2013's Paphiopedilum Pinocchio (seed parent Paphiopedilum glaucophyllum), which looks almost exactly like Paph. primulinum.

Most of the photos that turn up in on-line searches for this species show greener blooms than my photo does, but this bright yellow isn't unprecedented, either. And even this is a little greenish.

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