Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Anthurium no. 0855 "The Very Miss Dusty O"

That's not a typo; I am constantly having to stop myself from correcting the name to the more logical-sounding "very dusty Miss O." Just to get that out of the way.

This is another posthumous seedling post; she bloomed early, while still in a 3-inch pot, and is still the only plant to fully complete a bloom while still in a 3-inch pot.1 However, she also had scale, so I took the pictures and then threw her out. Not a big loss anyway: even if she'd been bug-free, she was just another unremarkable pink bloom.

Foliage was okay, I guess.

There was at least quite a bit of it.

But as much as I appreciated the enthusiasm, it wasn't worth it to keep a scale reservoir around for a plant with a boring inflorescence. So that's the end of The Very Miss Dusty O's story, until the name gets reused.


1 1038 Adlai Lowe was the first seedling to bloom in a 3-inch pot, in February 2016, though his inflorescence couldn't open completely because of its location. He hasn't tried again yet.
1232 Fiona St. James tried, in March 2016, but was thrown out on account of scale before it opened. Or maybe the bud aborted, and then I threw her out because of the scale. I can't remember. There was definitely scale.
0855 The Very Miss Dusty O was the first 3-inch plant to fully complete a bloom, in May 2016.
0523 Gilda Lilly tried in June, and then got scale.
0765 Hope Leeze's first bud appeared in August 2016 and is still in progress as I write this. The bud is pinkish-red, and I imagine that will be the final color as well. Which is boring, but "boring" is still better than "thrown away because of scale."
1095 Carolina Pineforest also started a first bud in August 2016, which is still in progress. Her bud is white so far, which almost always means that the finished spathe will be pink.

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