Friday, September 2, 2016

Anthurium no. 0619 "Seamus Spiral"

Nothing terribly distinctive about Seamus. The color is pretty ordinary,

and the spathes appear to be delicious.

The leaves are a little bit interesting, in that while some of them seem to be pretty appealing to thrips too,

quite a few don't show any damage at all.

There's also something mildly interesting about the new leaves, which are this bright apple green color that I find appealing.

Not that that's an especially unusual color for new Anthurium leaves, but it's not typical (the most common color for new leaves is basically the same color as the old leaves. Maybe a shade lighter than the old leaves.), and it's kind of nice.

So I dunno. The overall plant isn't terrible looking,

but I'm having a hard time coming up with reasons to keep Seamus around. Most likely outcome: he'll hang around until I decide I need more space. There's really no incentive to keep a plant around that produces small, red/yellow, thrips-eaten blooms.

1 comment:

Saby said...

Pro: Interesting attractive young leaf feature...
Con: ...on this sorry little plant.
Pro: Confirmation that the genes for this young leaf feature exist in the genetic pool of your plants. Good possibility that the same thing will occur on a competent seedling.