Sunday, September 4, 2016

Anthurium no. 0421 "Vincent Von Dyke"

The BF seedling group has been an awfully mixed bag, with a few decent seedlings (0406 Tricia Nullmaritch, 0514 Lauren Ipsum, both primarily notable for their spathe color), one interestingly weird one (0408 Tex Messich, notable for its enormous leaves and short peduncles), and a whole lot of mediocre to terrible ones (0404 Joe Hai, 0415 Darby Dragons, 0416 Holy McGrail, 0424 Jen Antonic, 0470 Heather Haldane, 0517 Burt Fieder, etc.). Even the nicer BF seedlings are often bug magnets.

Vincent manages to be acceptable but not spectacular. The spathe isn't an especially interesting color, but it photographs well and is mostly unblemished.

Vincent's foliage is unusually-shaped,1 and relatively free of thrips damage, which is nice but doesn't exactly blow me away.

No idea what's happening with the burnt leaf tips. I've seen it before, but most of the seedlings don't do it and I'm not sure what's special about the ones that do.

Overall, Vincent barely manages to land in the "keeper" category, though I'll have to revisit the decision if later blooms are less photogenic or the leaf damage gets worse.


1 Most of the parent varieties and seedlings around here have heart-shaped leaves (cordate), though in many cases the depth of the indentation between "lobes" is so shallow that the leaves wind up closer to triangular (deltate) than to heart-shaped. The only parent variety that consistently produces leaves with no indentation at all is the NOID purple, but I'm not sure that seedlings with that kind of leaf are necessarily descendants of the NOID purple.

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