Monday, September 12, 2016

Anthurium no. 0500 "Frau Martha Wäber"

Yet another pretty crappy seedling.

The bloom may not be terrible, but it is very small, plus you can see the thrips have been at it. The second bloom was a little cleaner, but still tiny.

An even bigger -- literally and figuratively -- problem is that the leaves are a wreck.

I don't think Martha ever had a serious scale problem, but it's possible that they couldn't find a place to sit, what with all the thrips.

So. Martha is still around at the moment, but probably not for much longer. Even if there were no pest issues to worry about, there's no reason to think she'd ever be a valuable seedling, what with the tiny blooms in run-of-the-mill colors. It's a wonder she hasn't been thrown out already.

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