Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Anthurium no. 0538 "Ada Buffet" / Unfinished Business

And we're back to the crappy seedlings again. Ada's a little quirky, in that she seems to have trouble keeping her spadix inside the spathe, even as a bud,

but that's one of those things that seedlings tend to grow out of eventually.

If they're allowed enough time, that is. Which Ada probably will not be, because the finished bloom doesn't have anything going for it. Small, scarred, uninteresting color.

The leaves are better. In fact, they're occasionally even nice.

But only occasionally.

Ada might get a chance to try again, so I can be sure there's nothing special going on here, but I'm already pretty convinced. Best-case scenario, we've got a serviceable pink-red / yellow from the BH seedling group, and at this point, those are worth basically nothing to me.

I should mention, though, that I've seen something interesting happen on an older BH seedling. 0527 Ms. Lucia Love, the seedling that changes spadix color from (spathe-contrasting) white to (spathe-matching) red, has really gone on a tear making blooms, and in the process has revealed that there's another color-change, after the red. She goes from white to red to green, as the spadix ages. Here's a bad photo showing all the spadix colors at once:

This may not be particularly desirable, but it's interesting, because the spadix starts out with no red, flushes completely red, and then goes back to no red again. Normally if a spadix starts turning a little green, the previous pigment remains, and it winds up going kind of brown overall (if the base color was red or pink), or gray (if the base was purple). Lucia was already sort of an oddball for being the first (only?) seedling to start out with a contrasting spadix which becomes a matching spadix, so this is doubly odd. I'm glad I kept her.

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