Sunday, September 11, 2016

Anthurium no. 0835 "Brenda Dharling"

I would have sworn that I'd already covered Brenda on here, but there's no link to a post in the Anthurium seedling gallery, and I couldn't find a post about her in the archives,1 so I guess it didn't happen.

Brenda has since died, so it's all moot, I guess, but for the sake of completeness:

The bloom never even opened up all the way. And she only had one shot at it, because shortly after this, I threw her out because she had scale.

Not especially broken up about it. Looks like she was headed towards being a pink/pink anyway. The foliage was maybe not awful, and she gets points for budding early (only 15 months after her sow date!), but it'd take a pretty special plant to be worth a scale infestation.



1 Though I did mention her when I found her first bud, in March 2016, and when that bud aborted, in May 2016. As the picture of the "bloom" in this post dates from April, I bet what happened was that I was waiting for the spathe to open up more fully before scheduling a post, and then it never did, and then I went on semi-hiatus around the time her post would have appeared, and with everything that was happening it was easy to forget about writing a post for a plant I no longer had.

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Paul said...

Sounds like her eviction was no great loss. When you have an over abundance of a type of plant, does make it easier to "heartlessly" cull out under performers/substandard individuals.