Monday, February 27, 2017

Pretty picture: Paphiopedilum Sumurun 'Pearl' (?)

This was tagged Paphiopedilum Sumurum, but the International Orchid Registry doesn't have a plant by that name, and I think we all know how seriously to take orchid tags by now. The IOR does know of a Sumurun, though, which is what I'm assuming this is, and there's sort of confirmation at the Eastern Iowa Orchid Society newsletter from March 2014, which shows a very similar-looking flower on page 5, identified as Sumurun 'Pearl,' presumably the same specimen.

Further confirmation: among many other very interesting plants photographed at the Montreal Botanical Garden,1 this page includes a Sumurun 'Boholt' that resembles this flower, which is the best I could do for confirmation.

Paphiopedilum Sumurun = Paphiopedilum Boltonii x Paphiopedilum Christopher (Ref.)

I was unable to find photos of either parent, when I looked back in March. I did find a half-sibling (on the Boltonii side) that is also mostly white with some faint spotting, though I apparently didn't save the link so I can't show it to you.


1 (In particular, I really like that Lycaste schilleriana 'Our Tropics Daiquiri.')

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Paul said...

Looks like that flower had pretty nice/heavy substance.