Saturday, March 4, 2017

Pretty picture: Oncidium Tiger Brew 'Pacific Holiday'

I'm not normally a big Oncidium Alliance guy, but I like this kind of thing.

It was probably my second-favorite orchid at the show, even.1 I really like the big flowers, and the patterning on them. (Yellow/brown isn't my favorite color combination; I'd rather have seen just about any other color scheme. But you get to photograph the orchids they have, not the orchids you want.)

Oncidium Tiger Brew = Oncidium Memoria Rudolf Pabst x Oncidium Tiger Hambühren (Ref.)

Previously, we've seen a half-sibling (Odontocidium (now Oncidium) Tiger Crow 'Golden Girl,' related via Oncidium Tiger Hambühren).

There is also Wilsonara (now Oncidium) Sheila Anne,2 which is Onc.Tiger Crow x Onc. Wearside Pattern. I spent a really long time staring at the relationships here and wound up not quite being able to figure it out, but I think Sheila Anne is the half-niece of Tiger Brew, or something along those lines.3

This orchid, and the other two previous orchids, all look pretty similar anyway. Tiger Crow is yellower, and lacks the brown outline around the tepals that Tiger Brew has, and Sheila Anne has large blotches of brown where the other two have a number of smaller spots, but even if you didn't know they were related, you'd probably suspect they were related.


1 The actual favorite being Oncostele Midnight Miracles, which was, strangely enough, also an Oncidium Alliance orchid. Maybe I like them better than I think I do?
2 Spelled as "Sheila Ann" in the blog post, because apparently I still trusted the tagging to be accurate in 2011.
3 Not that concepts like "sibling" and "cousin" have a terribly distinct meaning anymore, once you're talking about hybrids of hybrids of hybrids, with everything so inbred and all. But orchid genealogy amuses me, so:
Oncidium Tiger Brew = Oncidium Memoria Rudolf Pabst x Oncidium Tiger Hambühren,
Oncidium Tiger Crow = Oncidium Crowborough x Oncidium Tiger Hambühren,
Oncidium Sheila Anne = Oncidium Tiger Crow x Oncidium Wearside Pattern.

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Paul said...

This is a nice one. Not a huge fan of yellow & brown flowers, either. This one does pull it off well, though.