Sunday, April 30, 2017

Anthurium no. 0929 "Asia Persuasia"

NOTE: this is a reminder that there are Clivia seeds on offer and time is running out quickly.

A little uncomfortable with the name here, but I'm giving Asia the benefit of the doubt that she knows what she's doing. Which she probably does: per this article, she has an MBA and a Masters in Gender Studies, and as of 2015 was pursuing a Ph.D.1

The flower is less interesting than the queen, alas, and is probably not going to be a keeper. All the blooms so far have had a lot of thrips damage, and the second one was so screwed up that the spathe only partly unfurled.

The leaves are interesting, in that they're longer and narrower than average,

though those have problems with thrips (and Xanthomonas) as well.

So overall, not great, and she's probably gone with the next Anthurium seedling purge, whenever that is. I'll recycle the name, and maybe the second Asia Persuasia will be better.


1 Not that being knowledgeable about gender issues necessarily makes you knowledgeable about racial ones, but Asia is, herself, Asian, so it's safe to assume that she's, you know, spent some time thinking about it. If a white queen were performing under this name, I'd have a different reaction.

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