Monday, June 16, 2008

Site-related: Now what?

The river, it turns out, has crested earlier than anticipated (last week they were saying Wednesday the 18th, at one point; the actual crest was yesterday, the 15th), and although it's going to take forever for the water to go down, it is, nevertheless, going to go down. So that's good, in that the damage won't encompass larger and larger sections of the city. Also our water and power stayed intact throughout, and aside from the lost internet access a few days ago, I've been able to get online throughout. So.

Iowa City still has a curfew in place, of sorts: one is not to be outdoors within 100 yards of the river between 8:30 PM and 6 AM. I'm a little hazy on how big 100 yards is (a football field, I'm aware, but it's not like I have a real firm grasp on the size of a football field: I never played, nor am I a fan: stating the number in terms of city blocks would, you'd think, be a more useful measurement), but it's not likely to matter much anyway, since I don't really need to go out until I return to work tomorrow. (I could, if I wanted, return today, but for various reasons, some better than others, that's not going to happen.)

So we should be returning to our regular programming within a day or two. If I really get my shit together, maybe there will even be a regular-type post today, but let's not count on that.


themanicgardener said...

Keep us posted (sorry) and I'm glad your personal situation isn't worse.

Nancy J. Bond said...

I'm glad you weathered the flooding mostly intact.

No Rain said...

Glad to hear the water is receding. While you have too much rain, we haven't had any measurable rain since March. And, the temperature today was 109. What a contrast!