Saturday, June 28, 2008

To Sarah Mary and Lance:

It occurred to me today at work that if y'all 1) are still having trouble tracking down any Araucaria bidwillii plants of your own, and 2) live in the United States, I could just buy the two we have left at work and mail them to you, in exchange for whatever the sum of postage and the cost of the plant happen to be (I'm guessing about $15 altogether, though I don't actually how much it would be to mail them; it might be more or less than that. The plants themselves would cost me $5.89 each. I'm thinking maybe $8 to ship?)

I don't know what happens to the laws when you try to ship plants over a national border, but I'm guessing they're complex enough to be prohibitive. Also might not want to ship to the Desert Southwest right now, the heat being what it is. (Isn't that right, Aiyana?) That wouldn't preclude doing it later.

These would be the plants in question:

If either or both of you are interested, e-mail me (do actually read the e-mail address, though, first: there are instructions.) and we'll get addresses and stuff.

And if you're not interested, no big deal. You don't have to be.

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