Monday, January 25, 2010

Random plant event: Solenostemon scutellarioides 'Splish Splash' flowers

Not quite what I had in mind for today's post, but I'm having trouble with the longer pieces I'm working on, so instead you get this.

This is one of the coleus cuttings I'm trying to overwinter; I have all of them under lights for the time being and didn't expect to have to watch for flowers, but apparently I do.

I know: not interesting. I suck. The really frustrating thing is that I know more or less where I want to go with the posts I'm working on, and I'm just having trouble getting them to work properly. I hate trying to write from outlines, but it may come to that.


Liza said...

Don't be so hard on yourself! You'll get there. We'll be patient, don't worry, please!

Nancy in Sun Lakes AZ said...

I love the coleus photo and anything you write. I think it is very interesting. I'm always so happy to see that I have one of your posts to read.

Anonymous said...

Writing is easy, writing entertaining pieces that also make you think isn't. I like your blog, try not to stress, it'll happen.

As we're always told to pinch them out, it's nice to be reminded that they do flower. And blue isn't an everyday color amongst flowers, a shame coleus blooms get dismissed so easily. I wish someone with the resources would think about creating a coleus with nice foliage AND more impressive flowers (I'm thinking Salvia).

BernieH said...

I love the tiny rather insignificant flowers of the coleus ... so I enjoyed your post and photo.