Friday, July 2, 2010

Spotted in Iowa City: Dracaena


Ginny Burton said...

Jenny Craig is the formerly-fat sister of Janet. She needs low light in order not to be able to find her way to the cookie jar.

Anonymous said...

Plant has two cultivar names. o.0
Not necessarily mutually incompatible, but... eh?

Karen715 said...

Well, the price depends on the size of the plant. If this is a good-sized plant, $34 could be justified. But everything else is clearly wrong.

'Lime Edge' looks like it might be pretty. But what I am looking for, and can never find, is a good, deep green, unscarred, healthy-looking, plain old 'Janet Craig'. I know they exist; I saw one, once.

Andrew said...

Agree with Karen on the size of the plant - have seen massive Dracaenas sell for $220 (4 cane, at least 6' tall, 5 gallon/maybe 14" pot). That said you should be able to find a decent sized 10" plant for as little as $20 which is the most I would pay.

Otherwise all of the above?

Looks like a nice cultivar though, and fairly healthy (from the picture).

Nancy in Sun Lakes AZ said...

Definitely all of the above!

Liza said...

You are one funny cookie, mr_s! Jenny Craig, hahaha!

Megan said...

That's hilarious!

Pat said...

What colour are American limes? They are usually deep green when we get them in the UK. So this would be "Lime Middle"

Karen715 said...

Most American limes are medium to dark green on the outside, though not as dark as the leaves of this plant. I think the color name "lime green" is a reference to the pulp, although that really isn't that yellow-green color, either.

"Chartreuse Edge" probably isn't catchy enough.

mr_subjunctive said...

Sixwing / Karen715:

When I first saw this, I took "Lime Edge Jenny Craig" to be all one cultivar name, or else I would have included "has two cultivar names" as one of the options. I've seen 'Art' called something along those lines on-line before, actually. Don't remember where, but it's sort of logical.


I've never seen a $220 Dracaena, but I've seen $120 ones where I used to work. This one might or might not have been worth $34: all this place's plants were packed so tightly together that it was hard to get a sense of how big most of them were without picking them up.


Karen715 beat me to it, but just to support her point: I usually understand "lime green" to be a yellowish-green, not having anything to do with the color of actual limes. Greener than chartreuse, but only just. I don't know how this got started.

Anonymous said...

Plant needs bright light. There is a Dracena variety named 'Janet Craig Lemon-Lime', but I thought it had interior stripes, not light green leaf margins.

This plant is a much better outdoor planting than house plant - they tend to be leggy when they lack proper light conditions.

Agreed with another poster - would never pay more than 15-20 bucks for a large plant.