Thursday, September 29, 2011

Music Video: "Russian Unicorn" (Bad Lip Reading / Michael Bublé )

I had planned to skip posting today, but then I ran into . . . this. And I, well, didn't quite know what to do with it, actually, but I'm pretty much convinced that it's my new favorite song. It's stuff like this that makes me think humans might be worthwhile after all.

Also it makes me want to get a porcupine so I can name him "Zazoom."

Possibly mildly NSFW due to toilet humor, language (barely), sexual references.

I recommend not drinking coffee while watching, just to be safe.

Here is a link to "Haven't Met You Yet," the original video, for reference purposes. Naturally WMG doesn't permit embedding of the video, 'cause heaven forfend that people be exposed to the music they're trying to sell, grumble grumble.

Yes, Michael Bublé has heard about this. He's cool with it. (I'm coming to this late -- it was posted July 11. I never promised PATSP would be bleeding-edge internet cool.)


Greensparrow said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Thank you. I just watched it like three times in a row.

Kenneth Moore said...

...ever hear this song "Friday" by Jessica Black? My supervisor in Saudi Arabia actually told me to watch it at work. So I YouTubed it.

I won't have you suffer through that (although I love the part where she sings something like "Today is Friday, yesterday was Thursday, and tomorrow's Saturday!" like she was trying to teach three-year-olds the days of the week), but you should check out the bad lip reading version "Gang Fight." (I can never remember the girl's first name, so I end up searching "black gang fight" without even thinking I won't get that song--I've saved you the trouble, here's the link. ...almost as bad as googling "underage hidden cameras" at work.)

mr_subjunctive said...

Kenneth Moore:

I think "Gang Fight" is tied for my second-favorite of the bad lip-reading videos; Morning Dew is the other second place. ("Morning Dew's" final line -- "Is this Idaho? Because I will NOT limbo in Idaho." -- makes it worthwhile all by itself.)