Friday, September 30, 2011

Rumble Among the Jungle, Matches 1.37-1.40

Rules and Stuff
1) It's probably possible to vote more than once per poll, but please don't. If I believe that someone is voting repeatedly, I will throw out those results, repost the poll, and seriously question that person's priorities.
2) If you want to link to a poll on Twitter / Facebook / your blog / whatever and encourage your friends to come and pump up the support for your favorite plants, you are encouraged to do so.
3) You are also encouraged to leave comments on Rumble posts, if so moved.
4) All photos will enlarge if opened in a separate window/tab.
5) You can choose which plant is "best" according to whatever criteria you decide for yourself. My personal process is a bit convoluted.1
6) All polls will be open for three days.

Today's results (matches 1.21 to 1.24):

Match 1.21 is another one of those rare matches that started out favoring the eventual loser (Ficus lyrata, in this case) and then flipped. Dracaena marginata cvv. won, 61 to 51.
Match 1.22 was quite a bit more one-sided: Cereus peruvianus beat Fittonia albivenis cvv. without even transpiring hard. Final score was 71 to 40.

Dracaena marginata will face Cereus peruvianus in match 2.11, on October 9.

The most one-sided match for this set was 1.23, Polyscias balfouriana and P. scutellaria vs. Hoya carnosa cvv. Hoya won easily, taking Polyscias down 82 to 23.
Finally: match 1.24 is where I realize that I hate slightly more than half of y'all. Maranta leuconeura cvv. defeated Anthurium cvv. 63 to 50.2 I take some consolation in the fact that it was at least relatively close.

Hoya carnosa and Maranta leuconeura next compete on October 9, against one another in match 2.12.

And now, the matches for today:

Match 1.37
Pilea involucrata 'Norfolk' vs. Cereus tetragonus (fairy castle cactus, Acanthocereus tetragonus, Cereus hildmannius cv.)

(Both Pilea involucrata 'Norfolk.')

Cereus tetragonus. (Photo credit: Gwen's River City Images, via Flickr.)

Match 1.38
Chlorophytum comosum cvv. (spider plant) vs. Echinocactus grusonii (golden barrel cactus)

Clockwise from left: Chlorophytum comosum 'Vittatum,' C. comosum 'Vittatum,' NOID.

(Echinocactus grusonii.)

Match 1.39
Peperomia clusiifolia cvv. vs. Kalanchoe luciae / thyrsiflora (flapjack plant)

Bottom right: Peperomia clusiifolia. Other photos: P. clusiifolia variegated cv. (sometimes 'Rainbow,' 'Red Margin,' 'Jellie,' etc.)

Left: Kalanchoe thyrsiflora flowers. Right top and bottom: probably K. luciae.

Match 1.40
Echeveria cvv. and related plants (Sedeveria, Graptoveria, Pachyveria, etc.) vs. Nephrolepis exaltata cvv. (Boston fern, fluffy ruffles fern)

Top row, L-R: Echeveria 'Perle von Nurnberg,' E. 'Topsy Turvy,' E. setosa.
Middle row, L-R: Graptosedum 'Alpenglow - Vera Higgins,' Echeveria coccinea flowers, Echeveria 'The Rose.'
Bottom row, L-R: Echeveria nodulosa, Pachyveria x glauca, Echeveria x shaviana 'Pinky.'

Top and bottom right: unidentified Nephrolepis exaltata cvv. Bottom left: N. exaltata 'Lemon Button.'


1 I'm deciding according to a hypothetical situation in which all of my houseplants are gone, as are all the other houseplants of the world, except for one producer/supplier/retailer. Said person is offering to restock me with one or the other of the plants in question but refuses to give me both. Which one would I choose?
2 Seriously, though -- you guys take Yucca guatemalensis and Anthurium both out in the first round? Have I done something to make you hate me?


Sentient Meat said...

That photo of Cereus tetragonus is spoiled by fake, glued-on flowers.

mr_subjunctive said...

Sentient Meat:

If I could have found a fake-flowerless photo, I would have used it. Hell, I was prepared to buy one just so I could take a picture of it, if necessary, but nobody was selling them. Sorry.

Liza said...

If that Nephro wins, I'm going to be sad.

Sorry about your Anthuriums. Hell, I voted for them based solely on your unbounded enthusiasm for them as houseplants. If I warm up to them at all, it'll be because of you.

Sentient Meat said...

No problem, Mr S! I figured it wasn't your choice. I checked my favorite cactus ID site, , and they write that the true parentage of "Fairy Castles" is unknown, it is not known to produce flowers, and it's commonly sold with glued-on flowers.

CelticRose said...

We don't hate you, Mr. S., we just hate Anthuriums and Yuccas, apparently. ;)

I agree with Sentient Meat: icky, glued-on strawflowers are a total turnoff.

I voted against the spider plant. Bad associations: my mother, whom I'm not fond of, grew them. I think the Spanish name for them, mala madre (evil mother), is quite appropriate.

Paul said...

I'm actually very surprised the Cereus p. beat Fittonia -- especially so handily. Though I was one of the Cereus supporters, I fully expected most folks to vote for the Fittonias ... colorful things that they are.

I thought of you with the Anthuriums but went with Maranta anyway. I've never had an anthurium last more than a month or two whereas Marantas -- while still a pain in rear have done much better for me.

I side with Liza about my feelings if that Nephro wins. I like them but nearly as much as Echeveria.

I would also add that I will be gravely disappointed if that stupid spider plant beats the Echinocactus.

phantom_tiger said...

But I love Fittonias! Sniff. I voted Peperomia clusifolia because it sits in my plant light right next to the unavoidably placed heating vent and thrives.

Glued on flowers is such a stupid idea. I do however like it when two plants are growing next to each other and you can't tell who has the flowers.

Sentient Meat said...

If any of the people voting for Chlorophytum live in Southern California, please come get them free from my yard. Better yet, I'll pay you $.50 for every pound of "Spider Plant" you remove from my yard... I mean, that you hand-select from my naturopathic, fair-trade growing grounds. I can't get rid of them. ("Boo spider plants!" Wait, I mean: "Come get your beautiful spider plants!")

Paul Va said...

I never knew those Pilea were 'Norfolk' and I live in Norfolk. I still didn't vote for them. I'm really enjoying this plant contest. Great idea Mr. S